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What my ankle did next….recovery

What my ankle did next….recovery

So 2014 came and went, a year that was spent mostly swimming and in physio trying to sort out my ankle (peroneal tendonopathy). Sadly by November it was clear that physio was not going to work so I booked to have the surgery in early January, with the hope that only part of the year would be written off., at the same time I sadly had to part ways with and my coach Mike Redshaw – he has been a fantastic coach and I hope that when this injury is sorted I can think about going back and working with him again, but for the meantime I could not justify having a coach whilst not triaining properly for several months.

The day of the surgery came and after feeling very hungry I was eventually walked down to the theatres (or OR in US speak), I was maked up for surgery:

The initial diagnosis of peroneal tendon tendonopathy was only partly correct, when the surgeon opened the tendon sheath, apart from the synovial overgrowth (that causes a lot of the issue with tendonopathy) there was a nodule near one of retinacula (which hold the tendon in place) and it was rubbing, in addition there was a split in the tendon itself. She removed the nodule, sutured the tendon and removed a lot of the synovium, before closing. Once the procedure was finished my leg was put into a back plate splint cast which held my foot at a slightly extended angle.

I was in this for two weeks before the wound was reviewed. So I went and got a CastCover ( this made a big difference as it covered the bandages, kept them clean, dry and most importantly meant I had warm toes!

During this time I was on copious amounts of ibuprofen, paracetamol and codeine phosphate, partly due to the sickening pain but also as the sutures were rubbing the inside of the cast – not nice.

Last week the cast came off and was replace by a sexy neoprene and plastic ankle brace/boot.

I am in this for another month, with the hope that I can rehab quickly once the would heals. This is slow going as the wound reopened over the weekend, but we are getting there so what does it look like now?

After the sutures came out.

After it started to reopen


Fingers crossed this can improve and I can can get back to training as I feel very unfit!

Races planned this year so far are: The Henley Classic and The Henley Bridge to Bridge, and the Dart 10K – yes all swims and yes all long distance 2.1km, 14.1km and 10km respectively…it is another swimming year…


The long road back…

The long road back…

Well with just over a month gone from Wimbleball and five weeks to go to Galway I am starting the long road back to fitness and racing!

The past three weeks have taken a lot out of me (I had bacterial laryngitis followed by oral candidiasis and parainfluenza) so it is going to take a bit of time to get back. The plan is a recovery week this week (all going well so far) and then a two week build followed by a rest week and a final strong week before a short taper and race.

This week I have managed to get out on the TT twice, once in beautiful Cornish sunshine and the other in pouring rain (18.5km in 51 very slippery mins!Good practice for Ireland I am sure!!), managed one 30min run (no pain :-)) and a swim.

The swim was the most interesting as I used to train and race with/for a Truro team (in the old swimming pool) and I met up with some of my old friends from swimming when I went to the new pool for an early morning swim! The Truro pool runs coached sessions early in the morning four days a week and these have four lanes each with 5-8 people in. The sessions are hard, really hard as in full on Masters session hard….I started in my own lane warming up doing 4x300s (well I arrived a little late as I overslept) but got fed up with the slow people in my lane so I jumped over, straight into 12×100 descending pace and holding for the last 8….I started at the back of the lane and ended up one off the front…hard work but good fun…I might do another session tomorrow!

Today I am taking a rest as we are going to the seal sanctuary and out for lunch (to celebrate my new job!!). Tomorrow we are heading home but I will probably get in another swim and over the weekend a run and a bike (maybe a run off the turbo…)

Apart from that everything else seems to be going quite well…..touch wood!


Recovery and Illness…..

Recovery and Illness…..

So another blog post so quickly on the heels of my 70.3 race report – what has happended!

Well I am ill….first proper bug in ages and a nasty one too…bacterial laryngitis…fever, headaches, unbelievably sore throat,  no voice and gunky green stuff…euch! So it has been lots of paracetamol, ibuprofen, strepsils and klaricid……

I managed to do a couple of recovery sessions before I was wiped out by the lurgy last week and things felt surprisingly good post Wimbleball, in fact less painfull than post Marshman…really suprising.

I had a long discussion with Mike the coach last week and we decided that the order of the day (possibly month) was no running until the ankle heals assessed through no pain on pushing off the wall during swimming (which is essentially decelerated bouncing/jumping) but focus on swim/bike. We have also discussed the race season for next year and there will be no IM in 2012 – I will be a father again (no.3) and that combined with work/life doesn’t leave time for the long sessions for full IM.

As for Henley Challenge swim …that is up in the air…I really want to do it (I love open water swim races) but if this bug has not cleared it will be off 🙁 I might just have to find another single OW race to do later in Jul/Aug…

Anyway just a short post today…have to sort things out for a busy work day today and tomorrow before heading to Austria