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Starting to get my swimming mojo back

Starting to get my swimming mojo back

It has been a long road, Shingles absolutely wiped me out and it has only been in the last week that I feel the drive to swim long coming back. Until last week every swim over 3km was a chore and felt terrible, and then last week last week I managed, a Monday 4km swim (with 4×100 IM at the end – out of practice on these!!):

a Wednesday 10k swim:

a Friday 3km swim:

…and a Friday evening 2.1km swim


…and a Saturday morning 3km swim:

All in all a good week – the shoulders really felt it on Sunday and the 4km in the pool this morning was really tough for the first 1km…times are better than at this time last year – 1:33-1:40/100m, as opposed to 1:40/100m average, which surprises me as I still don’t feel it….I still feel in recovery mode…

This week’s aim is to beat the swims I had last week….so 4km today, 10k Wed, Fri/Sat OW but with a 3-4km swim somewhere on Tue or Thur…next week is Chicago week, so swimming will be limited albeit in the rather beautiful pool in the Intercon in Chicago…

The Intercontinental Pool

As to races, these are still planned to be:

Thames Marathon/Bridge to Bridge – 14km

Windermere One Way – 17.5km

Serpentine Super Six – 9.6km

The Thames Marathon will be my 4th time doing it, and Windermere the 2nd. The Serpentine swim is a new one though, and I am doing it for charity, a little more information has come out on this since I last posted:

Super Six: Swim six miles with a combination of one-mile and two-mile events during the day. All the ‘Super Sixers’ will start in the same one-mile wave, then how you complete the total distance is up to you. Choose to swim event after event, or take a break before you continue on with your swim

Sounds like fun – looking at it I think I will swim 4 mile swims and then do a 2 mile at the end… I think….regardless I am raising money for a small charity that helps disabled and disadvantaged children in the UK to participate and progress in sport. This is done via mainly small grants to help buy much needed equipment. If you can help at all please head over to my donations page, THANKS!!

Until next time,





The last few weeks and today’s swim

The last few weeks and today’s swim

The last few weeks have been hard, after coming back from illness and injury following the UK 70.3 I have been builing solidly. This week was a rest week – not that it felt very restful as work has gone nuts (probably because I finish my current role in a week!!). 

Well after a long amount of consideration I decided not to do the Marlow Mile based on the expected water quality – I don’t want to get amoebic dysentry two weeks before the Irish 70.3!

So instead I tried out a new OW venue – Redrick’s Lake ( just outside of Sawbridgeworth in Herts. It is a nice, small, friendly lake with good parking and showers (albeit a little basic). The lake has fabulously clean water although at the moment there are times when you could almost walk across the lake (due to weed growth!). Even with that to contend with I managed a 500m warm up, a 23:08 1500m TT – very happy – a faster pace than my race at the Great East Swim and not only did I feel less tired but I was solo swiming and sighting properly (as there were no big buoys!) and a 300m cool down!

Very enjoyable!

The TT GPS track is below:

Tomorrow is 70.3 practice day – 2:30 of Z3/4 TT bike followed by a 15km run…lets hope the knee/ankles hold up!