The long road back…

The long road back…

Well with just over a month gone from Wimbleball and five weeks to go to Galway I am starting the long road back to fitness and racing!

The past three weeks have taken a lot out of me (I had bacterial laryngitis followed by oral candidiasis and parainfluenza) so it is going to take a bit of time to get back. The plan is a recovery week this week (all going well so far) and then a two week build followed by a rest week and a final strong week before a short taper and race.

This week I have managed to get out on the TT twice, once in beautiful Cornish sunshine and the other in pouring rain (18.5km in 51 very slippery mins!Good practice for Ireland I am sure!!), managed one 30min run (no pain :-)) and a swim.

The swim was the most interesting as I used to train and race with/for a Truro team (in the old swimming pool) and I met up with some of my old friends from swimming when I went to the new pool for an early morning swim! The Truro pool runs coached sessions early in the morning four days a week and these have four lanes each with 5-8 people in. The sessions are hard, really hard as in full on Masters session hard….I started in my own lane warming up doing 4x300s (well I arrived a little late as I overslept) but got fed up with the slow people in my lane so I jumped over, straight into 12×100 descending pace and holding for the last 8….I started at the back of the lane and ended up one off the front…hard work but good fun…I might do another session tomorrow!

Today I am taking a rest as we are going to the seal sanctuary and out for lunch (to celebrate my new job!!). Tomorrow we are heading home but I will probably get in another swim and over the weekend a run and a bike (maybe a run off the turbo…)

Apart from that everything else seems to be going quite well…..touch wood!


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