It has been a while…and lots of swimming…

It has been a while…and lots of swimming…

I keep starting these updates with “it has been a while”…well it has, nearly 18 months since my last post…a lot has happened, I have finally started running again, now up to 6k (wow….) and I have put triathlons on hold for the meantime….well I cannot run enough for an old let alone a half or full….and

I have entered and completed my second Thames Marathon (formerly the Bridge to Bridge) and the Dart 10k. Also I am currently training for my Windermere One way in Sept, as well as a few other races….

Jun – Great East Swim 2016 – 5k (
Aug – Inn to Inn Swim 2016 – 2.8k (
Aug – Thames Marathon 2016 – 14.8k (
Sept –  Windermere One Way 2016 – 16k (

From the bottom to the top….10miles…..that is a long way – over 5-6 hours continuous swimming…just try to think about that….640 lap of a 25m pool….and in variable conditions depending on the weather…

All in all a fair number of swims – plus I have raised £748 for FRANK Water (You can donate here 🙂 …so far 🙂

As to training…a lot of swimming….yes that is a lot in May…

Over 60km….just wish I could find the time every month….

I will try and update this again a bit later 🙂

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