Zurich Swim entered….

Zurich Swim entered….

Eek…..not only have I already entered the Windermere swim for 2017 with the intention of going faster, but today I submitted my application to swim the Lake Zurich Race….


This is a world apart from what I did this year, Windermere is a relatively short 10ish miles, albeit chilly……Zurich is 16.35miles/26km from Rapperswil to Zurich…that is a loooong way….over 1000 laps of a 25m pool…or in ultramarathon running terms about about 60miles…

If I get in (and they prioritise people who have applied 2 or three times and not got in (I have applied twice before)) I think I will have to do some serious swim training….I blew up 8 miles into Windermere, this is twice as long….also if I do get in I will most certainly be raising money for a charity, I said I wouldn’t in 2017 but if I get a slot for an endurance event that will take 9-10hrs I might change my mind.

Always like a challenge…now to wait until December to see if I get in…

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