No Zurich Race, So What Is The Focus In 2017?

No Zurich Race, So What Is The Focus In 2017?

So despite being my 3rd entry into Zurich (which should increase my chances), yet again I am not going to be swimming one of the big European lakes in 2017. The confirmation came through late last year but with all the madness of Christmas and the start back at work (which has been insane) I have only had a chance to put finger to keyboard now, as I sit on a flight to the office in Chicago at 34,000ft….

So what am I going to do, what is planned…two races are certainly on the calender….

    The Bridge to Bridge, or the Thames marathon as it is now known -14km down the Thames from Henley to Marlow, a great iconic swim – this will be my 4th year

      Windermere One Way – over 10miles (17.5km from last year’s swim) the length of the longest lake in England. There are lots of ways to swim this lake, as a single swim, in the BLDSA swim, or with a group who don’t mind wetsuits….I am going with them and see if I can improve upon my 17/106 placing from last year 🙂

      So long distance speed is the name of the game this year….I know what the distance requires for training to complete…now I want to race. In addition I will probably do the Great East 5km as it is not too boring and a good pace swim, and I have said to Chris Read that if he can get me a super 6 slot (6 miles of swimming different distances in one day) I will race for him at the Surpentine Swim at the end of September….fingers crossed!

      So now this year is all about speed and pace whilst swimming so I need to start planning….periodisation and also nutrition….more to come on this…in the meantime – my view whilst I type this 🙂

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