New location….new name….

New location….new name….

So after 18yrs with PlusNet hosting my email and blogs I have decided to move to a new provider, this meant that I could shift to hosting my own blog, using my own domain name….so as I am no longer focussed on only triathlon (maybe in the future) I have renamed my blog….

Training is not going well…no sooner do I have a stretch of time at home does something stop me training…this time a chest infection…so annoying….hopefully this will pass quickly and I can back to it….


Also,  I have been given the chance to do something different in 2017. Whilst I had already signed up for the Thames Marathon and the Windermere One Way a few days ago I was approached by Chris Read the Chief Exec of a small charity, who asked if I would be interested in racing the Super Six for them at Swim Serpentine.

At the current moment,  full details are scarce for this event but it has been described as 6 miles swum across several races through the day, in the Serpentine, London and it is limited to 20 slots – sounds fun.

So in 2017 I will be swimming:

  • the Great East Swim, maybe 5 or 10km
  • the 14km of the Henley to Marlow stretch of the Thames
  • the 17km of Windermere
  • a day of races in the Serpentine


It is some time since I have swum shorter distances, fast – this could be a challenge….

Finally a little more detail on the A Smile for a Child (Registered Charity No. 1123357), the charity I am raising money for. The charity is a small grant giving charity, that helps disabled and disadvantaged children in the UK to participate and progress in sport. This is done via mainly small grants to help buy much needed equipment. The charity was founded by Chris Read after he was made redundant and runs the charity on a part time basis, his drive and enthusiasm has driven the charity forward with the help of the Read family to start and later with help from many of their many friends.

If you can do please pop over and click on the donate button – it is all for a good cause!



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