Training and illness…

Training and illness…

So, this month was planned to busy with a good solid build of four weeks, finishing in a 110x100yds at the Jesus Green Lido….sadly this is looking a long way off at the moment and the reason why is the dreaded word….SHINGLES….

Basically for the past 9 months I have be flat out at work, initially covering three jobs as my boss left and it took them ages to realise I should replace her, and then it took them a further age to appoint the two members of my team, anyway…I have been insanely busy burning the candle at both ends, this combined with training has pushed me over the immune system edge so to speak…to give you an idea in one week when I was at the office I worked over 74hrs….in five days….I only theorhetically get paid for 37.5 :-(….Anyhoo….we had a fabulous holiday in St Lucia over the Easter period, I totally relaxed, and then I got back to work and spent the next three weeks firefighting crisis and deadline after deadline…at which point I started to feel a little under the weather and then BOOM spots appear on my back and lower chest and the pain really kicked in….I have been on 800mg Aciclovir 5x/day for three days and a lot of paracetamol! The rash seems to have been halted and I seem to have got off lightly with that but the pain…wow deep, leaden pain really nauseating and not at all pleasent accompanied by some fun shooting stabbing pains for variety….not good

The rash – two clear lines of Shingles vesicles are visible as they run along the dermatomes T8 and T9.

I was meant to be heading out to Tokyo on Thursday but that is looking really unlikely, and currently all I can manage is one flight of stairs without breaking out into a sweat and feeling shattered…..

so there you go….alll training halted and lots of nerve pain….really hope my season is not too badly affected by this but it will have an impact, certainly to the earlier events….oh well….

In the meantime enjoy some of the photos I have taken whilst I have been travelling and the video I took of the daily commute into the office 🙂

Milton Country Park Lake – where I swim -it is a beautiful spot – they run OW swimming there on both Friday nights and Saturday mornings

Our back garden – now all officially a garden as the planning permission came through in the past few weeks

Our chickens lay a multitude of different size eggs…

Illinois is a little flat….on approach to ORD…

Sunset over the wing of the Queen of the Skies….love flying on BA747

Chicago by night, from the window of my 33rd floor room…

Chicago in the morning

The commute to the office

We got some new chickens too….

And a different type of egg arrives….

Finally my new wetsuit arrived – another Yonda Ghost (I wore through mine during the Windermere swim last year…) – looking forward to trying this out when I recover 🙂


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